Could This Happen to North Carolina? Because The Ingredients Are There

We have a state superintendent with an eye for charters and school choice.

We have a General Assembly that wants to grow the voucher system exponentially.

We have a DPI that is slowly being overtaken by charter school champions.

We have enacted every sort of “reform” known.

We are still spending less per pupil when adjusted for inflation than before the Great Recession.

We have just received a grant from Betsy DeVos’s federal office to expand charter school opportunities for traditionally under-served students in the same year that HB 514 was passed to allow for affluent white municipalities to create charter schools to serve only their residents.

Take a look at this: When Communities Lose Their Public Schools For Good, What Happens To The Students? Michigan May Soon Find Out.

“What if some communities no longer have public schools? That question, once unthinkable in America, may now be something policy leaders and lawmakers in at least one state may want to consider.

In Michigan – home state to US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos whose political donations and advocacy for “school choice” and charter schools drastically altered the state’s public education system – some of the state’s largest school districts lose so many students to surrounding school districts and charter schools that the financial viability of the districts seems seriously in question.

According to a new report, more than half of Michigan school districts experienced a net loss in enrollment last year, and the percent of student attrition in many of the state’s large districts is shocking, upwards of 60 to 70 percent.

Can a school district experiencing such losses in student enrollment continue to keep the doors open?”


One thought on “Could This Happen to North Carolina? Because The Ingredients Are There

  1. The plan all along has been to destroy the public education system. The money can then go into the pockets of private companies.


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