I Have This Cousin-In-Law Who Just Did Something Remarkable…

except to those who really know him because they know the amazing drive and spirit he embodies.

If you know me, then I have told you of the uncle whose love of teaching I plagiarized, his wife my aunt, whose roles on screen and television I get to brag about, and their daughters whom I look at as sisters.

One works in movies and has also worked on the Human Genome Project; the other skipped her senior year in high school, wrote a paper on Ezra Pound, got into NYU and after graduating became a New York Police officer serving in Bedford-Stuyvesant during the time of 9/11. After becoming injured on the job and changing careers,  she married Erich.

I think an awful lot of Erich because of many things. He is the consummate teacher and storyteller and has something I want that I can’t easily describe but it has to do with a combination of strength, love, faith, and compassion for all who have had struggles in life.

And while the story of his life that is presented in the attached article is amazing, it is surpassed by his willingness to share of himself and to be the author of a gifted life that he continues write and makes sure to include others in.

Congratulations to Erich and his lovely wife Ashley – two of the fiercest loving people I am blessed to know.

He went from prisoner to preacher, and he just earned his master’s degree from Princeton seminary.