About That Letter to the Editor Concerning Teacher “Indoctrination”


The following “Letter to the Editor” appeared in the June 15th edition of the Winston-Salem Journal:

Partisan school elections

Many Republicans believe that the Democratic Party has an anti-American agenda, and that its teachers indoctrinate our children to anti-Capitalism, anti-patriotism and occasionally anti-Christianity. The long-term results of this indoctrination are now clearly seen as we approach the 2020 election: some Democratic candidates are brazenly Socialist, and others are willing to bury America in debt as the welfare state grows.

The purpose of a partisan school board is to assist in identifying and avoiding further indoctrination.

No. I am not going to critique the use of grammar and mechanics. Write a blog for a while and mistakes will be made. It’s the absolute lack of logic that needs to be addressed because this person is not alone in this erroneous viewpoint.

The argument this individual is making is clear enough: teachers who align themselves with the Democratic Party are indoctrinating students to be socialists and heathens which is ironic because many of the teachers I know are registered Republicans and I teach in a county that has a partisan school board.

Isn’t also ironic how much power teachers in North Carolina have wielded to cause so many 2020 Democratic Party national candidates to become so “brazenly Socialist?” And maybe he actually was referring to the “corporate welfare state” because it almost boggles the mind to see how much the deficit has actually ballooned under this current president because of steep tax cuts to the wealthy. 

Maybe this gentleman could investigate how hard it would be for a bunch of teachers to indoctrinate students when most are too busy trying to prepare students for one of the 50+ standardized tests that the state dictates schools administer.

And it seems like this gentleman insinuates that schools should teach students nothing but patriotism, strict capitalism, and how to be a good Christian. If that’s the case, then he just told you how sorely underpaid teachers are to be handling so much besides just the academics.

Anti-American? Is he referring to the country that has freedom of religion, democratically held elections for school boards, and the right of people to petition tax dollars to go to social programs?

Or, it could just be another example of how uneducated some people are about public education because he wrote an LTE to a newspaper published in a town that is part of a school system which actually does have a partisan school board.

One that has a Democratic majority.



One thought on “About That Letter to the Editor Concerning Teacher “Indoctrination”

  1. The truth is that the GOP should realize how few of my students respect Donald Trump let alone like the man, the young ladies especially. I find that I need to step in almost immediately to curtail any politically tinged conservation.

    Indoctrinate my students? Rubbish!

    Students, for the most part, absorb their political attitudes from their parents, not their teachers. One of our faculty members made no effort to hide political attitudes, which were distinctly right-wing. Needless to say, students complained.


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