About Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s Tweet About the Economics & Personal Finance Class

The following was tweeted yesterday by the official Twitter account of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.


And it’s hard not to see that what Forest is talking about is:

  • the need to raise the minimum wage in NC,
  • the need to address systemic poverty in this state, and
  • the need to pass laws against predatory student loans.

It’s also worth mentioning that using the PISA as a benchmark is a little shaky.

  • “The U.S. average performance appears to be relatively low partly because we have so many more test takers from the bottom of the social class distribution.”
  • “A sampling error in the U.S. administration of the most recent international (PISA) test resulted in students from the most disadvantaged schools being over-represented in the overall U.S. test-taker sample.”
  • “Conventional ranking reports based on PISA make no adjustments for social class composition or for sampling errors.”
  • “If U.S. adolescents had a social class distribution that was similar to the distribution in countries to which the United States is frequently compared, average reading scores in the United States would be higher than average reading scores in the similar post-industrial countries we examined (France, Germany, and the United Kingdom), and average math scores in the United States would be about the same as average math scores in similar post-industrial countries.”
  • “On average, and for almost every social class group, U.S. students do relatively better in reading than in math, compared to students in both the top-scoring and the similar post-industrial countries.”

The above is from a study by Richard Rothstein and Martin Carnroy entitled “What do international tests really show about U. S. student performance?” Published by the Economic Policy Institute, the researchers made a detailed report of the backgrounds of the test takers from the database compiled by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

And the last time that North Carolinianians took the PISA?


And of the countries that do better than the US on those tests many have economic systems that Lt. Dan Forest opposes.