Remember The March Last Year? It’s a Big Reason This Year’s Budget Can’t Go Nuclear

After thousands of teachers and education advocates marched on Raleigh on May 16th  of 2018 calling for better treatment of public schools, the GOP super-majority invoked what was akin to a “nuclear” option in passing its budget. Rather than allowing for debate on matters of money from elected representatives and the opportunity of amendments, Phil Berger and Tim Moore had the budget voted on in committee.

It is commonly speculated that this maneuver was exercised because of the teacher rally and to avert dialogue that would force them to show their hypocrisy on the treatment of teachers and traditional public schools.

Ironic that one of the very items in that budget was “transparency.”


But it is commonly thought that that march helped raise awareness in the 2018 election cycle and helped to defeat the supermajority.

And something is different this year.



Now they have to talk about it. Openly.

And debate.