HB499 – A Bill to Bring More Guns Into Schools?

In February of 2018, Rep. Larry Pittman offered his own legislative opinion on how to increase school safety in out public school system.

As reported by the Associated Press on Feb. 16, 2018,

A North Carolina lawmaker says allowing teachers to bring guns to school would save lives in situations such as the deadly school shooting in Florida.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reports Republican State Rep. Larry Pittman of Cabarrus County told colleagues Thursday that he met with a police officer who wants to talk to lawmakers about training school personnel.

And earlier in 2019, he introduced more legislation to allow the schools to arm teachers.


While that particular did not gain traction, another one has been filed that would still bring more guns into the schools under the guise of “safety.”

It is HB499.


It is an omnibus bill. Still on the table.

Twenty-seven pages of changes to gun laws.

And one of them is this:


On page 19 – “Subject to the condition set forth in subsection (m) of this section, a volunteer school faculty guardian, while on the grounds of the school the person is employed by or assigned to, who meets all of the following requirements:”

The first criteria is “16 hours of active shooter training.”

16 hours is the equivalent of two workdays.

Teachers have a whole week of “workdays” before schools open for the new academic year. That’s the equivalent of 40 hours.

Not only is this a horrible idea, but to put it into an omnibus bill is careless.

And the ironic part of this bill is that Rep. Pittman is not one of the main sponsors.

He’s too busy re-writing history – “NC Republican argues with Tillis wife, compares Lincoln, Hitler.”