A Letter in Support Of The 88 Superintendents Regarding iStation From NC Families For School Testing Reform

A letter is beginning to circulate from NC Families For School Testing Reform that is asking for support from individuals and education advocacy groups to stand behind the 88 superintendents who strongly question what Mark Johnson has done in replacing mClass with iStation in such a surreptitious manner. 

It starts:

We the undersigned groups and parents support the 88 district superintendents who initially requested to “delay the implementation of the new reading diagnostic tool” (Istation) for the entire 2019-2020 academic calendar year. Until the public controversy surrounding the procurement process of Istation is resolved, it is in the best interest of children to continue using the existing literacy screening tool that is widely preferred by their teachers and district leaders. We also request no less than a one-year delay.
Additionally, in the interest of fewer tests, fairer tests, and fruitful tests, we have numerous concerns with Istation’s ISIP assessment tool:

The concerns given are well researched and well though out.

The google form can be found here.

This teacher is signing and this blog will be represented.