“In Case You Missed It” – From Idaho to NC, Another iStation Email to Personal Accounts

iStation’s COO & President sent out another email today to many NC parents and educators on their personal accounts again forcing many to ask the question, “Why is this company going to such extremes to validate itself to North Carolinians.”

The text of the letter follows the screenshot.


In Case You Missed It: Istation Plays Vital Role in Idaho School District

CHALLIS, ID – An Idaho school district is expanding its use of Istation, according to a recent article in The Challis Messenger. Challis School District uses Istation’s assessments in K-3, but will extend that through sixth grade next year.

“Our programs are designed to work for all students, and can be beneficial regardless of grade level or student ability,” said Ossa Fisher, Istation President and COO. “We’re happy to see school districts taking full advantage of our program, which is designed to make life easier for teachers and produce positive results for students.”

Idaho requires K-3 students to take the Istation assessment, but the Challis School District decided to take that a step further. Next school year, all students in Kindergarten through sixth grade will take the assessment. The assessment will also be implemented as an optional benchmark in seventh through 12th grade.

According to Challis Superintendent Lani Rembelski, the district does more testing than is required to better understand student progress and problems. The optional benchmarks, along with other Istation assessments, provide teachers and administrators with more useful data to aid in student improvement.

Istation recently took over as the reading diagnostic tool for K-3 in North Carolina. Educators are currently training with the program, and will continue this acclimation during the fall. In the spring, Istation will have its official rollout in North Carolina schools.

“We believe Istation is the right product at the right time for both educators and students,” Fisher said. “We’re excited to work with the state’s teachers and students to ensure progress is made and that students receive the best educational experience possible.”

For more information and program updates, visit istation.com/northcarolina or Istation NC’s Facebook or Twitter.

In no way, shape, or form is this post trying to assert that what Chllias, ID is trying to do for their students is less than what other systems are doing for their students here in North Carolina. If iStation works for them and they came about its implementation in a democratic fashion based on their needs and wants, then more power to them.

But how does the adoption of iStation for a tiny school district in another state validate its use in our entire state system?

Challis School District has one elementary school: Challis Elementary School. North Carolina has over 2,500 public elemmentary schools.

Challis, ID has a population of almost 1,100 people. North Carolina has around 10,000,000 people.

Challis, ID does not have the ill-conceived Read to Achieve initiative. North Carolina does.

Challis, ID did not have a state superintendent make a unilateral decision on using iStation in its school. North Carolina did.

Did iStation need a lobbyist to convince Challis, ID to adopt it?

And did iStation email all the people in Challis, ID on how great it was?