If The NCGA Wants To Prolong The Budget Process, They Should Meet In An Elementary School Trailer

The following screen capture is from Speaker Tim Moore’s webpage (dated August 21st):


There is over $900 million dollars in “surplus,” or to put it another way, there is $900 million dollars that the NCGA decided not to use for the people in North Carolina by not investing in our schools and infrastructure.

Oh, and there was just a hurricane that hit the Outer Banks.

Moore and Phil Berger have literally held the budget process hostage for over 60 days and their keeping the NCGA in session to defy a veto by the governor is costing taxpayers a lot of money.

What these two men have simply done is not invest in what the state needs and called that money a surplus. They want to appease the very people whose voices they muted  when they championed unconstitutionally gerrymandered district maps to maintain power.

From this week’s News & Observer:

North Carolina received a C- grade and a score of 72 out of a possible 100 in the 2019 Quality Counts report released this week by Education Week. The report ranks North Carolina 37th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The state’s low overall ranking is largely due to getting an F for the amount it spends per student.

That amount NC spends per student ranks near the bottom.

And we have an intentionally manufactured budget surplus from last year controlled by a few people who are making sure to not pass the current budget.

Maybe Berger and Moore need to start convening the current extremely long session in a place other than West Jones Street.

Maybe they need to get a better idea of what many schools are having to deal with because of a lack of investment in schools.

Maybe they should meet with their caucus in a trailer “off campus” that has shaky reception for internet, no bathroom, or stable temperature control. Most every school that is at least 15+ years in existence has to have trailers or pods to accommodate the needs of students.

Maybe they should have some of the members of their caucus sit on the floor because there will not be enough desks. In fact, do it when it is raining.

Then you might have an idea of what happens when personalities are honored more than principles.