We Have A Large State Surplus And My State Superintendent Introduces Me To DonorsChoose.org

North Carolina is in the middle of a mad dash to redraw unconstitutionally gerrymandered district maps.

Yesterday, the NCGOP created a ruse to force a favorable vote to override a budget veto by the governor.

This state has a significant manufactured state surplus.

And our state superintendent, who procured surreptitious contracts with ClassWallet and iStation, now sends more emails than the average teenager sends text messages.

But thank God, I now know how to “fully fund” my classroom.


It’s nice to know that it took some “summer” time for Johnson and his staff to discover a means for North Carolina’s teachers to actually find a source for their classroom needs in a state where the NCGA refuses to fully fund public education and its state superintendent does not have the backbone to fight for more funds.

But this teacher already knew about DonorsChoose.org.

Former State Sen. Jeff Tarte taught us a lot about DonorsChoose.org back in 2018. Remember this?


Tarte actually tried to get the state to be one of the donors for some of his schools while cutting out every other school in the deal.

Well, at least he was trying to get the state to “fund” some classrooms.