About That “Memorandum Of Agreement” Between DPI and iStation – Are You Sure This Is For Free?

As it currently stands, iStation’s implementation of its products to be used in the state’s Read to Achieve initiative currently has a temporary stay in place by the Department of Information Technology.

In response, Mark Johnson reminded North Carolinians that he was a lawyer and offered his defiance.


In a reaction that has also been rather defiant, iStation said that it would offer its services and products for free while the temporary stay was being battled. That meant it would carry on with implementation without recompense. There is even an agreement between DPI and iStation outlined here: Istation MOA 8-27-19.


First, to think that iStation will not demand every bit of the money it is owed from the originally tainted contract (if the stay is lifted and overturned) at some time is rather ludicrous. Really, it’s not free. Payment is being delayed. There could even be some “interest” being paid.

In essence, it seems iStation is offering a “No Payments Until 2020” special for Mark Johnson.

But there is something on the first page of that MOA that needs clarification, especially when “money” can be paid in time and resources.


NCDPI shall provide “support and resources to effectuate implementation and utilization” of iStation’s product.

So, what are those resources and what does that support entail?

Do the resources cost money? Do they cost time? Do they cost teachers and schools to change schedules for training and installation?

Does the support come from DPI employees? Do they come from LEA’s? Does this support take people away from other vital tasks that are not blocked by a temporary stay from DIT?

It would be nice to get some clarification.