Maybe Franklin Graham Should Fund The Opportunity Grants Since He Wants All Christian Students In Private Schools

When Duke University’s Children’s Law Center’s released its March 2017 report called SCHOOL VOUCHERS IN NORTH CAROLINA : THE FIRST THREE YEARS one of the most glaring aspects of the program was how many vouchers were being used at religiously affiliated schools.

Some of the observations of the study included:

  • Approximately 93% of the vouchers have been used to pay tuition at religious schools (p.3).
  • The North Carolina voucher program is well designed to promote parental choice, especially for parents who prefer religious education for their children (p.3).
  • Of the participating schools, less than 20% were secular schools; more than 80% were religious schools. This does not line up exactly with the percentages of vouchers used at religious schools versus secular schools (93% at religious schools), because several religious schools enrolled large numbers of students (p.8).

The entire report can be found here:

And now, still over 90% of the vouchers given out by the Opportunity Grant program in North Carolina goes to religious schools.



Today on NC Policy Watch, Rob Schofield had a post talking about Franklin Graham’s call for Christian families to pull their children out of public schools and put them into private schools based on his conception that public schools are teaching too much secular material. Schofield referenced an email from the American Renewal Project.


The last part of the above screen shot says,

Speaking on Fox’s Todd Starnes Radio Show, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse chief Franklin Graham also urged parents to get their children out. In a conversation about New Jersey’s new law mandating LGBT lessons to school children, Graham said the time had come.

Starnes asked Graham what advice he would give Christian moms and dads: “I mean do they pull their kids out of public school or do they homeschool, private school?” the Fox host asked. “What should they do?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Graham replied without hesitation, breaking new ground. “I’d pull them out of public school and put them in private school.”

Franklin Graham says that Christian moms and dads should pull their out of public schools and put them into private schools.

The state of North Carolina, Franklin’s home state, already allows for over 90% of its vouchers to be used in private religious schools in what is the least transparent voucher system in the nation.

And the North Carolina state constitution guarantees that each child in the state is entitled to a quality free public education, but the money that funds the Opportunity Grants is taking funds from the public school system and putting it in a fund to finance many a tuition for religious schools.

It is said that Franklin Graham has a net worth in the multi-millions. And it has been proven that millions set aside for vouchers (most of which go to religious schools) go unspent meaning that the price tag for the program in the budget is not as much that is used. Maybe we should allow Franklin Graham to finance the Opportunity Grant program.

And take all of that money budgeted for the Opportunity Grants and put it back into the public schools.



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  1. Stu, Of all your posts, I find this one the scariest. (So far) Is the extreme conservative right trying to ultimately merge religion with all schooling? Thank you for all you do to keep us knowledgeable!


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