365 Days From Today Could Be A Very Big Day For North Carolina Public Education

Today is Sunday, November 3, 2019.

November 3, 2020 is the first Tuesday of the 11th month. That’s election day.


North Carolina has 100 counties, each with a county public school system. According to the Labor and Economic Analysis Division of the NC Dept. of Commerce, the public schools are at least the second-largest employers in over 80 of them—and the largest employer, period, in over 60. That means teachers represent a base for most communities, the public school system.  And we are strong in numbers.

And there will be new maps for districts.

I strongly urge anyone in North Carolina who cares about public schools to vote in November of 2020. If you know anyone in North Carolina who is registered to vote, then please encourage them to do so. You are in a state where public education is under assault by the private sector posing as reformers. If our public school system is to recover and thrive, then this trend must stop.

2020 starts now.