A Prayer For Milo Garcia

Yesterday, a memorial service was held in honor of the life and spirit of Esteban Garcia whose physical life in this world seemed much too short to fully express the love he possessed and gave to others.


It was a little over six years ago that we lost his wife Sarah to breast cancer.

Sarah Ferguson Garcia was an English teacher at West Forsyth. She was a mother, sister, daughter, and my friend. My teaching career and style has her fingerprints on them. She is the reason I became nationally certified.

And I think of her every day when I walk into the 1000 building at West as well as the family she loved dearly. Now I will think more of them, especially Milo, who is now nine years old.

The last time I really got to spend time with Esteban was in Raleigh at a rally for public schools, specifically concerning the “Class Size Chaos” mandate that was threatening art classes on the elementary school level. He got up in front of those people on a most frigid day and talked about how Milo used art and his art class as a way of dealing with the loss of his mother. He was defending public schools, but mostly defending children.

He gave me the biggest hug that day when I approached him. He called me “brother” in that way that you knew was meant with love and kindness. Only people who embody that kind of love for others can radiate it and freely give it to others.

I am not what people would call a religious person, but being around Esteban made me aware that I am a spiritual being and vessel.

If you can, be active in helping the family deal with this loss, especially Milo. As was noted in Esteban’s obituary and at his service, there is a fund that anyone can donate to for the benefit of Milo.

In lieu of flowers, for those desiring to send a memorial in Esteban’s memory, the family asks that a gift be made to the Milo García Benefit Account – please make checks payable to Salem Presbyterian Church and write “Milo Garcia” on the memo line and mail to Salem Pres Servant Leaders, c/o Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 1046 Miller Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27103. Every donation will be deposited directly into an account created solely for Milo’s benefit as he grows up.