Keep Them In A Classroom With No Class Size Caps, But Tell Them Not To What?

The state of North Carolina is under a state of emergency for a pandemic. The governor has called for the cancellation of events where 100 people or more will be gathered for a single purpose.

100 people

All public school athletics have been suspended. All field trips cancelled. All performances that students are involved in have been cancelled.

The NBA, NCAA, MLB, MLS, NHL, and even the Masters have been postponed.

So, why are we still sending students to schools where they can be together in the hundreds and thousands along with the hundreds of faculty and staff that will be there with them?

Hard to tell a team of baseball players that they cannot play outside when they just spent hours inside of classrooms (many of which need to be updated) with about as many people in a more confined space.

Let’s figure out how to get food to free and reduced eligible students, allow for calendar flexibility where needed, set up as many wireless hot spots as possible, check out Chromebooks to students, and drop the use of end-of-year standardized tests.

Honestly, the only grade we will remember from this semester might be how well we took care of our students – not their EOC scores.

One thought on “Keep Them In A Classroom With No Class Size Caps, But Tell Them Not To What?

  1. Thank you. Finally. And by the way DPI staff are teleworking, we should be happy to note. Of course those of us who are working in the classroom cannot go in an office and close the door. Where is the common sense- ever? My school has closed, thank goodness. Now let’s make this correct decision for everyone. Feed the children another way. We are a great community. We can do it.


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