Every Public School Teacher Should Be Awarded Digital Learning Credits After This Week

One of the teachers I admire the most actually teaches at the high school whose attendance zone adjoins mine.

Tripp Jeffers has been (and still is) a tireless advocate for NC public schools for longer than I have been in North Carolina. He posted this today.


In just the last three days in setting up a virtual classroom for each of my three different preps, I imagine that I have learned at least five new technological tools to facilitate learning.

That’s not counting the continued use of other applications I have learned this year.

In the last two days alone, I have spent hours creating videos in different venues to test and see what is best for my classes which will also use Zoom for actual class meetings.

And finding resources online that engage students with curriculum instead of just giving them something to do to pass the time actually takes time. Furthermore, adjusting how assignments are given and finished assignments received and then offering feedback will be an ongoing endeavor.

But the collaboration that has been occurring is amazing. And part of the digital learning requirements deals with sharing what we have found and showing how it has helped classes.

By the end of next week, I imagine every teacher in public schools helping to facilitate learning for students at home will have done more than is required for the mandatory digital learning credits.

The state should award them.