HB17, Deep State, Common Core, Class Wallet, and iPads – The State Board of Education Should Not Listen To Mark Johnson’s Recommendation For Paying iStation

Today at 11:00, a meeting will convene with the State Board of Education to discuss a variety of issues surrounding the closure of public schools in the state and how to offer instruction to students to complete the school year.

SBOE meeting

Hidden in that agenda is a request from State Superintendent Mark Johnson to pay iStation $1.2 million dollars to prolong the use of an unpopular reading assessment tool for elementary school students based on a questionable procurement process.

Remember that HB17 launched a lawsuit that took money away from the state coffers and ultimately hindered the State Board of Education’s role in the budget to give over to an educational neophyte, unproven leader, and a political puppet.

Remember that that same political puppet used his office to run a failed campaign for higher office based on claims that he would rid the state of Common Core.

Remember that that same unproven leader  procured contracts with vendors based on unilateral decisions that were unpopular with teachers and local administrators and were ethically questionable.

Remember that that same educational neophyte said he was in Raleigh to root out and fight against the “deep state.”

Remember that that same individual bought a bunch of iPads because… well, we really do not know why.

The State Board of Education should not spend any more money on Mark Johnson’s recommendations if it is within its power.