Dear Educational Resource Vendor, Now Is Not The Time To…

…flood my school email inbox with offers to try a new educational technology that aligns to curriculum for standardized tests.

Not all of my students have the resources to access the technology if I was even in a position to purchase and use it.

Most all of my time now is devoted to just providing what I can educationally to the students I have within the framework of existing technology.

There is no telling what financial burdens are mounting on the shoulders of local school systems and individual schools just to try and make learning accessible while trying to meet the many needs of our students. Remember, we have a General Assembly controlled by people who are holding the budget hostage.

If you have existing customers and clients using your tools and technology, please focus on helping them make the most of what they have for their own students.

Now is not the tell to sell. Now is the time to show support that we as teachers who already use your products will then rave about to others when this pandemic is over and we realize that we as a system, state, and nation may have to re-prioritize how we approach certain aspects of schooling.

In the future, we might have the finances to actually purchase something that we know we will use for a long time and can benefit each student maximally. And teachers will talk about how great a product or customer support really was.

But if you are a streaming service of educational videos, online tutorials, electronic versions of books, or any other supplementary product that students can go to without to much guidance that can be used for free while this epidemic is still occurring, then contact the technology officer at the central office.

That would help tremendously because they would know best how it might fit individual schools.

I need my email inbox for my students, parents, and administrators.

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