“You said our children are taught in school to hate our country. Where do you see that?” – This Interview Is A Lesson Plan

And to the question asked in the title of this post, President Donald Trump answered,

At the end of this post is a link to the entire transcript of the interview aired today with Fox News reporter Chris Wallace and President Donald Trump. Without any explanation from any teacher or any background given, the answers to questions offered by Wallace and given by Trump are an incredible exercise in analyzing rhetoric, argumentation, bolstering claims with evidence, and presentation.

Or the lack of. And some gaslighting. And perhaps some propaganda.

Below are three of the eight “skill categories” of the AP English Language and Composition Course. “AP Lang” is one of the most taken courses in the country and NC certainly pushes students to take Advanced Placement classes or the NC General Assembly would not have attached teachers bonuses to student scores and mandated that state supported universities give credit for passing exam scores to incoming students.

  • Skill Category 3—Claims and Evidence (Reading): Identify and describe the claims and evidence of an argument
  • Skill Category 4—Claims and Evidence (Writing): Analyze evidence in order to develop and refine claims
  • Skill Category 5—Reasoning and Organization (Reading): Describe the reasoning, organization, and development of an argument

Just watching the interview and reading the transcript literally covers those skill categories by showing how those skills are not being used well.

Click here for the transcript and video of the interview. It teaches itself.