What The Foo Fighter Said About Reopening Schools

It takes a fragile political ego in a state that does so much to work against organized groups of essential people to make the following claim.

Tim Moore knows damn well that NCAE represents more 5% of teachers, but he wants to play victim by saying that he is being “bullied” by what he claims is a small group of people.

Apparently it doesn’t take much to scare Tim Moore. Or Phil Berger.

But the narrative that school buildings not reopening fully this fall semester is because of teacher unions and in this state NCAE is really just gaslit propaganda.

That push is coming from many places because of safety. Not a price line.

Here’s an example from The Atlantic written by a guy named Dave Grohl.

Dave Grohl fronts a band called the Foo Fighters. Fairly well-known. He also was the drummer of an iconic band named Nirvana whose album Nevermind might be one of the most influential albums ever recorded.

His mom is a retired public school teacher.

He wrote in this Atlantic op-ed,

“It takes a certain kind of person to devote their life to this difficult and often-thankless job. I know because I was raised in a community of them. I have mowed their lawns, painted their apartments, even babysat their children, and I’m convinced that they are as essential as any other essential workers. Some even raise rock stars! Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Adam Levine, Josh Groban, and Haim are all children of school workers (with hopefully more academically rewarding results than mine). Over the years, I have come to notice that teachers share a special bond, because there aren’t too many people who truly understand their unique challenges—challenges that go far beyond just pen and paper. Today, those challenges could mean life or death for some.”

Dave Grohl is not part of the teacher union.

Just the Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame.

In fact, New Orleans, which really is a school system made up of charter schools, is starting the school year with remote instruction.

He’s right – “it’s a false narrative abt (sic) unions driving online shift. Unions are just reflecting widespread teacher concern abt health.”

So when someone like Tim Moore wants to place blame for what is happening, maybe he should go and look in the mirror.