A Cautionary Tale Of Elementary Aged Children And COVID-19

Here’s a cautionary tale for the opening of school buildings this fall:

This report from WSBTV.com was just released. WSB is the major ABC affiliate in Gerogia out of Atlanta. I grew up with it set on my television.

That camp is in Rabun County in the mountains of Georgia.

In fact, it is in the most northeastern part of the state.

Right next to the North Carolina state line.

File:Map of Georgia highlighting Rabun County.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Look at the math:

260 out of 597 tested positive. That’s 43.5% of the total number of campers who got the virus.

344 were tested overall. That’s a 75.5% positive test percentage.

Wonder how many parents, grandparents, and other people they may have come into contact with.