Dear NCGA, Go Ahead And Waive Standardized State Tests And School Performance Grades For Next Year

How public schools open this next school year are questions that still need some answers. What we do know is that there are over 1 million students who will not be starting school in person but remotely.

From what we already know from history is that even with a surplus in the budget, Phil Berger and Tim Moore will be sure not to fully fund public schools even though they constantly measure them in unfair ways.

Now we have what will surely be another prolonged budgetary battle with the economic depression that COVID-19 has caused.

Last fall, WestEd brought out its report on the Leandro case and the failings of the state to adequately fulfill its duties of funding public education. And that brought to mind a quote by Sen. Phil Berger from this past May.


No doubt about that, Mr. Berger. You’ve already shown that you won’t spend money that you do have.

But there are some things that can be done now in a special session of the NC General Assembly to help schools this year. The first could be to waive all state testing next year and the use of school performance grades.

Unless Berger & Company can guarantee that schools will have ample resources, time, space, and support this next school year as we would have had if there was no epidemic, then standardized tests and the SPG’s that use them to measure schools should be waived for 2020-2021.

Come to think of it though, Berger & Company have never guaranteed that schools will have ample resources, time, space, and support.

Even during an economic boom.