Maybe Dan Forest’s Personal Finance Class Requirement Should Be Extended To His Cronies

In June of 2019, the NC Senate passed HB 924 by an overwhelming majority. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest – who championed the bill – in one of his rare statements about actual public education other than bathrooms, vouchers, and his love for charter schools tweeted the following:


While this “bill” might seem like a winner on the surface, there were many reasons for the NCGA House chamber to consider not passing it.

1. It was not a standalone bill. In fact it is part of another larger issue that Forest and others have hijacked in order to make it pass.

2. HB 924 was a redundant bill. 

3. Students already encounter curriculum concerning personal finance. It’s part of the required course called Civics & Economics.

4. Students can actually take an extended personal finance class through the school’s CTE department. CTE stands for Career and Technical Education and it is a vital part of the high school academic setting.

5. A Personal Finance course would take away a US History requirement for most students. 

6. It won’t cover some of the glaring aspects of the personal finance challenges that many students will encounter.

But maybe before the students have to take that class in high school now, Forest’s cronies in Raleigh, espcially those in involved with state politics shoudl take the class as well.

This is week has shown that it is in high need.

From yesterday’s News & Observer:

One of the most powerful Republicans in the state legislature was charged with federal financial crimes Thursday, in what prosecutors say was a scheme to take money from his political donors for personal use.

Harnett County Rep. David Lewis has been a state lawmaker since 2003 and for the last several years has been chairman of the influential House Rules Committee. Thursday afternoon, he suddenly announced he was resigning from the state legislature, effective immediately.

Federal court documents show Lewis was charged Thursday with not filing taxes and making false statements to a bank, in relation to his campaign finance scheme.

From the N&O the day before:

Lindberg was tied to Dan Forest in a rather big way. From April (N&O) again,

And do not forget about this: