Revisiting Some Reopening Plans From Forest, Berger, Trump, & DeVos

From Lt. Gov. Dan Forest this past June:

dan forest back to school
dan forest back to school 4

Don’t forget President Trump’s demand from July:

There was also VP Pence and Betsy DeVos:

And certainly there was Phil Berger trumpeting Trump’s wishes.

So, it would be interesting to hear each of these elected officials comment about the number of schools that started the year with in-person instruction that have had to modify those plans becasue of outbreaks.

It would be interesting to hear Berger and Forest talk about the two largest college campuses in the state having to go to online classes strictly with one already fully sending students home.

But the big question for all of them: “Have more schools gone to more in-person instruction since the beginning of the school year than those who have gone to more remote instruction?”