One Candidate For State Super Praised The NCGA’s Raises To Teachers. She Needs To Explain A Couple Of Things.

At about the 30:00 minute mark of last week’s State Superintendent Candidate Forum, Catherine Truitt made some interesting comments about teacher pay. Part of that is covered in the above.

The other part of it concerned the vetoed 4.5% “raise for teachers” that was sustained by the NC Senate.

These are talking points that she is echoing from the GOP leaders in the NC General Assembly. Actually it was made in a letter from Dylan Watts to NCAE recently.

She must have meant Senate Bill 354 from 2019, the one that proposed a disproportionately given raise in a budget that people forget is biennial.

And it wasn’t 4.9%. It was lower.

3.9 4

What she neglected was what Gov. Cooper had proposed – a higher average raise for all teachers that was an actual raise for all teachers.

Could Truitt explain this when she talks about how the General Assembly has given raises to teachers?


Damn, those are some raises.

And how might she explain how big those raises are when the newest salary schedule doesn’t even allow most teachers on it to ever make the “average” salary that Berger claims the state gives teachers now?