Open Letter To Catherine Truitt. Do You Agree With What Was Said At That Press Conference?

Mrs. Truitt,

You are not an elected official. As of now you work in the private sector and are running for the office of State Superintendent.

But you were a central participant in a press conference with both the Senate Leader and the Lt. Gov. concerning opening all of the schools fully in this state. That alone communicates that your position in opening schools seems to fully align with the positions of the people who also spoke.

So when Lt. Dan Forest says he does not believe in the use of masks, do you agree with him?

“I don’t think that there’s any science that backs that up,” Forest said of wearing face masks.

Forest also said the state shouldn’t require students and teachers to wear face coverings in schools.

It’s not just a passing rhetorical questions. This public school teacher wants to know – DO YOU AGREE WITH HIM?

What about what Phil Berger said about Cooper and NCAE and virtual learning?

The school reopening debate has taken on a partisan tone at the national, state and local level.

Berger said “very little learning” is happening virtually. He blamed Cooper’s decision on listening to NCAE.

Do you believe those statements? Even when you help run a virtual college campus? DO YOU?

And when a nurse who does not serve in a hospital and does not even send her children to physical schools says the following, do you agree with her?

Michele Morrow, a Wake County parent and nurse, said teachers have a ‘great immune system” and shouldn’t worry about returning to classrooms. She said those teachers who are immune compromised should be teaching online classes and not delaying students from returning to school.

“If you’ve been a school teacher for years, you have the immune system of steel because, just like healthcare workers, you are around children all day long who aren’t the best at covering their mouth or nose when they sneeze or cough,” Morrow said. “They’re not good at washing their hands after they go to the bathroom.”

Really. DO YOU?