NC Should Not Have People Crafting Public School Policy Who Deny Systemic Racism

No, I don’t think there’s systemic racism.” – Dan Forest, October 14th during gubernatorial debate.

“I don’t believe in systemic racism.” – Mark Robinson, Sept. 19th during Lt. Gov. candidate debate.

Think about it. The person who becomes the Lt. Gov. of North Carolina will sit on the NC State Board of Education and will help craft what is taught in our public schools.

The governor will have the power to sign or veto budgets for public schools and make stands for how money is apportioned.

But the two candidates above who are now doing rallies together have explicitly said that there is no systemic racism that exists in America.

They are wrong. What has been done in the past still has direct effects on today.

But it would be nice to hear these two candidates explain:

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