SlowCOVIDNC – An App That May Help With All Public School Stakeholders

When I look at the COVID-19 Dashboard for my local school system, I honestly do not know how to interpret it or how I am supposed to apply the information to my own situation as a teacher and a parent of a public school child.

I have already received notification that someone at my school has tested positive.

The very next day, my son’s school alerted me and my wife of a positive test on that campus. Our son is in the school building already as he is an EC student with self-contained classes. The notifications are all we know right now.

Furthermore, many teachers who work in schools are self-reporting on social media as they want to be be able to alert others if precautions are needed.

There is an app that may help with reporting and let others know that they might have been exposed to COVID-19, and it keeps information private.


It’s in both the APPLE and GOOGLE APP stores.


And every parent of a student (and even the students themselves) could use it as well.