When A School Board Member Wants To Pit Parents Versus Teachers

Forget that there is a pandemic going on and that an even bigger surge of infection is occurring right now.

Forget that this state has not funded adequately for safe reopenings.

Forget that it is a virus and a horrible national response that is the cause of all of this.

Forget that it seems that school board members in our district seem more interested in getting reelected next year than dealing with science this year.

Forget that this district can’t seem to keep a superintendent.

Forget that a recent rise in COVID infections among elementary school teachers and personnel most definitely has something to do with reopening schools to kindergartners and first graders and that the school system has gone out of its way to absolve itself of any culpability.

Forget that there are people on the board who without any conclusive data but just the hint of distant possibility closed down a school in a matter of hours over possible contamination but wants to reopen schools while an actual certifiable viral pandemic is happening and still growing.

Forget all of that.

But do not forget that when a school board actively asks parents to write other board members to counter the insights and concerns of teachers, it is a gross misuse of power.

Do not forget that this is pitting teachers against parents and stoking division.

Do not forget that this is the epitome of what an elected public servant SHOULD NOT DO.