Put A Damn Curfew On The EOC’s

Last April 24th, Governor Cooper closed schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

These were the numbers on that day:

The numbers for December 8, 2020?

404,032 cases in NC.

5,637 deaths.

2,373 currently hospitalized.

And unlike April where the weather was bound to get warmer, it’s just getting colder.

And for that the Governor put into place a rather weak “curfew” in response.

But we in public schools will still have to give EOC’s face-to-face. In the case of my school system, EOC’s will be given after three weeks of Winter Break.

Funny how schools are still considered safe yet many experts warn of rapid transmission of the virus when people are together in social situations – even within households.

We are about to have many days of those “potential spreading situations” and then give some baseless tests as soon as they are over.

For what? To measure how badly this country has reacted to this pandemic.

One thought on “Put A Damn Curfew On The EOC’s

  1. Middle and especially high school students should not be on campus when Covid 19 is raging. Are the tests worth the lives that may be lost? I am an older parent of a student taking Honors and AP classes and I am terrified.


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