About Our New State Superintendent’s Recent Tweet About “The Duke Study”

She tweeted it as an affirmation of her narrative.

When pushback occurred on that tweet due to some questions about the veracity of how that info in the study was gathered and reported, then she answered with this:

Ironically, the issue is not with just the Duke Study, but with the fact that Catherine Truitt touted it with an obvious bias herself using the official communication account on Twitter for her office.

But if she is totally confident with studies from Duke, maybe she might want to tweet the findings from other Duke studies starting with these:

That study pretty much showed how badly managed our state’s voucher system has been run. AND THAT’S DELIBERATE.

And here’s another Duke study:

Of course, if Truitt does not want to agree with those findings, then she could always contact them if she feels they are “erroneous.”