Got to Have Six Feet – Sign The Petition For New Hanover Schools

From the petition found on this link:

New Hanover County Schools Must Follow All CDC Reopening Guidelines

On Feb 12, 2021, the CDC released updated, and much needed, guidelines to support school districts in their reopening plans. On Feb 10, 2021, NHCS schools voted to transition Prek-5 students to Plan A, 5 day in person instruction. We are asking NHCS to hold an emergency meeting to create an in person learning plan that complies with the CDC.

According to the updated guidelines, communities in the Orange (Substantial Transmission) and Red (High Transmission) zones, Elementary Schools must operate “in hybrid learning mode or reduced attendance. Physical distancing of 6 feet or more is required.” At the time of writing this petition, New Hanover County has 311 cases per 100,000 residents over the past 7 days. This puts us in the Red Zone (High Transmission). We also have a percent positive of 8% which puts us in the Orange  Zone (Substantial Transmission). To comply with CDC guidance, NHCS must adapt their in person learning plan to support reduced attendance and social distancing at 6 ft. apart.

Our goal is to get as many students back to in person learning safely and as quickly as possible! To do this, we must comply with the CDC!

We also understand this is a community public health issue. Safety within our schools impacts the safety of our community, and vice versa. NHCS not only has the responsibility to keep our students and staff safe, but to do its part to keep our community safe.

We are asking Board Chair Stefanie Adams to call an emergency meeting between now and March 2nd, to address how NHCS will comply with the CDC safety guidelines. We are also asking Board Members Nelson Beaulieu, Pete Wildeboer, Hugh McManus, Stephanie Kraybill, Stephanie Walker and Judy Justice, to support an in person learning plan that aligns with CDC guidance.