Dear Lt. Gov. Robinson, Where Is Your “Indoctrination” Site?

Last week with fanfare and a highly publicized press confernece, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson introduced his new task force: F.A.C.T.S. and a website to issue complaints of perceived indoctrination.

As Will Doran reported on Twitter:

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson meeting with some fellow Republican politicians today to announce a new task force for students, teachers and parents to report “indoctrination” in public schools.

Robinson says most teachers do keep politics out of the classroom but there have long been complaints about some who don’t. This task force aims to gather those complaints. “People say, well where’s the proof? Where’s the proof? We’re going to bring you the proof.”

Robinson also said “this is not about any political ideology” and he doesn’t think any politics should be in the classroom, left or right. He also wouldn’t answer a question about the political makeup of the task force members, saying it’s irrelevant.

Doran also published a report for the News & Observer which talked about Lt. Gov. Robinson’s press conference.

Most teachers don’t get into politics with their students, Robinson said, but some do. And while there have long been rumors of indoctrination efforts, or one-off stories about a teacher’s controversial lesson plan, Robinson said he hopes to soon be able to show people just how widespread it might be.

And that very day you could go ahead and issue a complaint on the Lt. Gov.’s official website.

Here were the criteria for submission:

What to submit:

  • Examples of discrimination or harassment related to a student’s faith, ethnicity, worldview, or political beliefs;
  • Examples of unequal, inconsistent, or disparate treatment of students in the enforcement of school rules and/or in disciplinary matters;
  • Examples of students being subjected to indoctrination according to a political agenda or ideology, whether through assigned work, teacher comments, or a hostile classroom environment;
  • Examples of students being required to disclose details regarding their individual race/ethnicity, sexual preference, religious ideology, or economic status
  • Examples of students being exposed to inappropriate content or subject matter in the classroom, including matters relating to substance abuse, profanity, or of a sexual nature.

And today we get this: