Some Questions For Any NC Policy Maker In Favor Of Students Taking Standardized Tests This Year

Can you name every standardized test you took while in high school?

Can you even remember the score(s)?

Do you know if they are still administered today? If so, in the same form?

Were any given online?

Did any college of post-secondary institution ask for those particular test scores besides possibly the SAT, ACT, or maybe some AP exams?

Did you have to attend school during a pandemic whether on a hybrid schedule or virtually?

Since you are not in school now, have you ever experienced what you think is “learning loss?”


Depending on which math and science track a student has in high school, it is conceivable that a student who matriculates in NC’s public schools will take MANY standardized tests.

That does not include any local benchmark assessments, the PSAT, the ACT, the Pre-ACT, or any of the AP exams that may come with Advanced Placement classes.

Throw in some PISA or NAEP participants. Maybe the ASVAB and the Workkeys.

There’s probably more.

When I graduated high school last century, I never had to take even one-tenth of these kinds of assessments. I think I remember one of my SAT scores – certainly not my “superscore.”

But we wrote a lot of essays in my school.

Not short answers.


Graded by real people.

Maybe we could give every NC lawmaker an essay test. Maybe we could make them take the very standardized tests they force students in public schools to take.

And publish the scores.