Pass This Bill And You May See The Largest Teacher Walkout This State Will Have Ever Seen

It’s House Bill HB755.

Look at that a little more closely.

Just think. They want all of it to be posted.

  • any materials
  • textbooks
  • readings
  • videos
  • digital materials
  • websites
  • online applications
  • all lesson plans

It’s rather insulting to think that my preparation and my continued development in my profession, my expertise in my field of study, and my years of experience have brought this continued attack on my being a professional educator.

It’s funny that McNeely refers to Justin Parmenter in this tweet considering that he never talked to him or was in that classroom.

If McNeely wants to claim that he has first hand knowledge of what happened then he either possesses superhuman powers or sent his spirit to spy on others (source – Salem Witch Trials). And if he is a witch, then someone should report him to the Lt. Gov. F.A.C.T.S task force.

These bills are being introduced around the country and probably started in a bill factory like ALEC who spreads it through their State Policy Network and then it reaches operatives within the conservative caucuses within state legislatures. Those state leaders then instruct their party people to push these bills through.

It’s like a lesson plan, but not a transparent one.

Funny how the very people who are pushing these bills and making the case to guard against “indoctrination” have probably been told what to believe about these attempts to de-professionalize public school teachers. And if they actually did look at all the materials used to gather lesson plans and enact curriculum, they would not even know where to begin to understand it.

If McNeely or the other sponsors on the bill want to show their ability to see if teacher materials are sound, then they could take every standardized test they force students to take.

Right now.

In front of every teacher.

And pass with flying colors.

Then they can write an essay to be graded by actual humans and argue how on God’s green Earth they can represent a party that screams “small government” and then tries to create Big Brother.

Oh, does this bill include private schools of religious persuasion that take state voucher money?

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  1. The copyright and paid subscription violations would be huge. Who would be responsible for that when the lawsuits come rolling in?


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