Show Me Your Lesson Plans And Materials, Lawmaker

They want to pass this: House Bill HB755.

Look at that a little more closely.

They want all of it to be posted.

  • any materials
  • textbooks
  • readings
  • videos
  • digital materials
  • websites
  • online applications
  • all lesson plans

It’s rather insulting to think that my preparation and my continued development in my profession, my expertise in my field of study, and my years of experience have brought this continued attack on my being a professional educator.

And are these lawmakers willing to post their “lesson plans?” Are they willing to show where they got their “resources?” Are they willing to divulge how they crafted their “bills” and “policies?”

Are they willing to share how think tanks and interest groups guide what proposals they are putting forth?

Do they have the guts to share what they say in committee and special sessions?

Probably not because those same lawmakers are trying to pass this at the same time.