Sen Berger’s “Science” Lesson About Raw Cookie Dough

With the “Delta” variant of the coronavirus surging in NC, the Centers for Disease Control issued new guidelines for mask wearing.

Of course since it does not collide with Sen. Phil Berger’s narrative to downplay the virus, he conveniently dismisses it with the ever powerful “raw cookie dough” argument.

The irony here is that Berger actually does agree with the CDC and with science – when it benefits him

Both entities (CDC and ABC) have stated that we need to take added measures against the current strain.

Berger even has looked to the power of “science” to keep alive some of his failed policies from the past.

The bill, which Berger said could have a Senate floor vote later this week, mandates literacy instruction training that follows what’s called “the Science of Reading,” in which phonics is a primary element. This method emphasizes the importance of sounds, spelling and other techniques to teach reading.

He even helped champion the move to reinstate the NC Teaching Fellows program in 2017 to focus more on developing more STEM-related subject teachers in our schools because of the emphasis on STEM curriculum.


Berger wants science to be convenient for him (and have it taste like raw cookie dough).

Of course the comparison of COVID-19 and raw cookie dough may not be the most accurate, but Berger has a history of really bad comparisons.

Like the one he made in 2015 about teacher assistants: