The Teacher Bashing, Science Denying, Authentic History Disputant, And Leading Witch Hunter Needs An “Educational Advisor” For $120,000 / Year Of Tax Payer Money

North Carolina is still without a new budget. Surprise. But there are many requests that have been made that would definitely be a waste of tax-payer money.

Within this report on recent budget requests is an interesting item.

It has some items from Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.

Specifically this:

That’s $120,000 for an “Education Advisor.” That’s twice as much money as what some 30-year veteran teachers make.

It’s almost as much as the State Superintendent makes.

This is the same man who is spear-heading a “witch hunt” of teachers who “indoctrinate” students on matters with which he disagrees.

And Robinson disagrees a lot.

Presumably, the person who would potentially fulfill this role would be nothing more than a “yes” person who would not advise, but rather simply earn a big paycheck to agree with what Robinson spews.

More than likely, this person would be a former educator – one who would be willing to sell his/her soul and publicly agree with a politician who says things like this:

Notice that he is behind a podium promoting NC State University. So much for what the science says.

And then there is that claim he states about our country’s history.

“I don’t believe in systemic racism.” – Mark Robinson, Sept. 19th during Lt. Gov. candidate debate.

Then there is are those eye-opening social media postings.

The person who would potentially become Mark Robinson’s education advisor would have to be willing to commit the very “crimes” that Robinson has literally set up a task force to eliminate.

Robinson wants someone who will help him indoctrinate people with his own brand of revisionist pedagogy.