What Do NC’s State Superintendent, Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition, Judge Danforth, Joseph McCarthy, & Dolores Umbrage Have In Common?

What do all of these images have in common?

The Spanish Inquisition:

The Salem Witch Trials:

Joseph McCarthy’s Committee on Un-American Activities:

The Ministry of Magic with Dolores Umbrage:

This group of politicians:

They all are on a witch hunt based on spectral and biased “evidence” using political weight to try and weaken a vital segment of society.

When your state superintendent would rather stand on stage for this and never fight for fully funding public schools according to the LEANDRO decision, then your state does not have an educational leader but rather a shill for a political party.

When this report becomes public, it would be rather interesting to see if it has any legal merit. If it even attempts to try and name teachers based on “hearsay” from a website that any one can enter biased opinions, then the double-edge sword of the legal system might just show that rules of discovery cut both ways.

To stand on stage for this political stunt is complicity at its most basic form.

North Carolina deserves better.