10 Frozen Years: The NCGA’s Plan To Eliminate Career Teachers

Here is the salary schedule that was in place for the last school year and was in place at the beginning of this one:

For those who are not teachers, make sure to pay attention to years 15-24.


10 years of the same.

There is no longevity pay during these years as well.

Someone who has been teaching for 24 years makes the same as someone who has been teaching for 15.

Amounts toward retirement will be the same.

Oh, but did we not just pass a new budget with raises?

Not much of a raise.


If anyone in Raleigh cares to explain how those 10 frozen years of pay is supposed to attract teachers to the profession, then speak up. But it looks blatantly like a ploy to keep people from being career educators.

3 thoughts on “10 Frozen Years: The NCGA’s Plan To Eliminate Career Teachers

  1. Duh, that is the GOP plan. They view teaching as a starter job, something to do before you go off and get a real career. See Mark Johnson.


  2. My principal and I were talking last week about the high numbers of young teachers going back to school for additional degrees… some education related and some not. Many young teachers seem to be preparing for their next career. 10 frozen years has a lot to do with it.


  3. This is so sad. I know of schools in Texas that start out higher than a 25+ year teacher. This is just beyond disrespectful and both parties are to blame. Paying teachers well shouldn’t be a partisan issue really and we kind of see that with each administration, although in the negative way. I saw the unfortunate quick downward spiral with Bev Perdue. Got more of the same with McRory. Now more of it with Cooper. What will it take for education to be respected in this state? It’s not. It’s not important. Full stop. (It is important to many on the individual level, but the culture at large…not seeing it here at least.) I came from Texas where education was paramount. This is such an awful night and day difference. Keep up the good work though. You’re keeping many informed about the changes (not) taking place.


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