Word For Word: The NC Script For “Bonds For The Win”

It starts about 44 and 1/2 minutes in to the February 22nd, 2022 WSFCS School Board meeting. A blonde-headed lady approaches the lectern during the open comments section and begins reading.

It’s a script from here:

And she starts just the way it reads.

Violation of Your Oath of Office: You have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of North Carolina  and the Constitution of the United States of America. You have failed to uphold both of these constitutions. We live in America and are free to live our lives without restrictions, abuse and unlawful mandates from elected government officials. Mandates are not enforceable laws. As an elected public servant you have no jurisdiction or authority to create or enforce mandates.

Practicing Medicine Without a License – You and everyone employed by this district such as teachers and administrators have engaged in the practice of medicine without a license, which is a violation of state law.  You’re recommending medical procedures, vaccination, with a wholly NON FDA approved product, that is licensed under an EUA.  Meaning it’s experimental and cannot be advertised at all, per federal law.  And you have NON doctors recommending it to children – with NO informed consent.  How can you give informed consent when the ingredients in these vaccinations won’t even be released to the public until August 2022?

For a review of the “Bonds For the Win” movement, look at this NBC.com report.