The Revisionist History Lessons Of NC’s Lt. Gov.

The news story that broke yesterday morning concerning Mark Robinson and his payment of an abortion in 1989 is sure to garner the Lt. Gov. a great deal of backlash and criticism.

Apparently in 2012, Robinson posted the following on his Facebook account.

With his F.A.C.T.S. task force, slamming of public education, accusations of indoctrination, shaming of the LGBTQ community, and open disdain for those who do not agree with him, this man who is the top ranking GOP member in the state deserves every bit of the brush back he will get from this news story.

Ironic that just days before this news story broke, he sent out this particular campaign donation flyer to people.

What he says now doesn’t change what happened in the past, even though in every instance that he has been behind a pulpit, at a NC General Assembly meeting, or talking about social study standards at school board meetings, he has never acknowledged that his own true history totally contradicts what his mouth spews today.

But it’s a consistent politically-motivated pattern for Robinson.

Remember this?

“I don’t believe in systemic racism.” – Mark Robinson, Sept. 19th during Lt. Gov. candidate debate.

And he never explained these:

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