A Lesson In Gender Studies & Rhetoric By An Unintentional Teacher

You probably have now heard of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s latest “lesson” that he taught from his favorite type of classroom: the pulpit.

Think of it as a lesson in gender studies.

From WRAL.com (where the youtube link was found):

Ironically, someone that Robinson caters to made a recent statement about gender studies not needing to be taught. This is what Donald Trump, Jr. said in the wake of the massacre in Uvalde, TX.

Then Robinson goes “cross-curricular” and makes a reactionary statement about his words and inadvertently gives a lesson in bad rhetoric.

He literally denies that he meant what he was directly quoted as saying.

This is the top ranking party member of the state and the same State Board of Education member who has attacked public school teachers for indoctrination, teaching CRT and gender studies, as well as having a lack of dicipline in the classroom.

He has belittled the LBGTQ community and preached politics in pulpits for tax-exempt religious bodies that have taken state tax money for vouchers.

And for all that he has accused public schools of doing, it seems that the real guilty party he is looking for is the reflection in his mirror.

If he cares to look at it.

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