“Teaching college enrollment has plummeted.” Of Course It Is. All Part Of The Plan.

Liz Schlemmer’s report on WUNC.org today highlighted the shrinking number of teacher candidates in schools of education in North Carolina should not be a surprise.

There were a couple of surprising (not really if you followed public education for the last few years) graphics.

Here’s one:

That’s over a 100% growth in vacancies. In just those subjects. Sure the note admits a change in how those vacancies are reported, but most people would want a certified teacher in those classrooms, right?

And there’s this one:

That’s also just students pursuing a BA in education. Most teachers in high schools (and many in middle schools) actually get a degree in their actual subject area along with teacher education courses. Who knows how those numbers have dropped if you counted those.

That graph shows a 44% drop in just that area in the past decade.

So, fewer people are going to school to become teachers according to the report.

Wonder what could have happened in the state of North Carolina in that time to cause that kind of change?

Phil Berger and Tim Moore and Art Pope have been working for a while to make “teacher college enroll plummet.”

2 thoughts on ““Teaching college enrollment has plummeted.” Of Course It Is. All Part Of The Plan.

  1. Don’t forget EdTPA as a new reason (barrier) for teachers in 2022. Many of my graduating cohort from Greensboro haven’t done it and it’s way too much and useless trash. It’s just not worth the trauma, for what? for a career where we will continue to get squashed like bugs by admin, parents, and students until we burn out and become admin ourselves and squash the new teachers?

    This was my experience with WSFCS.


    • And not to mention LETRS on top. Nobody asked for. For all teachers. During one of the most challenging and stressful times. We have seen the writing on the wall early on and 2/3 of my cohort have already given up education within 2 years. Our cohort was already tiny by the time we graduated. It’s very very bad.


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