NC’s GOP Lawmakers Need To Openly Oppose Phil Berger For The Sake Of Public Schools

This week over 50 business leaders filed a statement urging the NC Supreme to back a judge’s order to fund the Leandro plan.

Here’s a link to that amicus brief.

And that’s good. But they could have done it earlier.

What’s even more egregious is that no lawmakers within Berger’s own political party have never raised voices in the public ear for the sake of public schools.

In the past ten years, Sen. Phil Berger has spearheaded as many attacks against public schools and the people who work in them as any lawmaker in the country.

1. Teacher Pay Kept Well Below National Average

2. Removal of Due-Process Rights 

3. Graduate Degree Pay Bumps Removed 

4. Retiree Health Benefits Removed For New Teachers

5. Push for Merit Pay and Bonus Pay 

6. Removal of Longevity Pay 

7. Health Insurance and Benefits 

8. Attacks on Teacher Advocacy Groups (NCAE) 

9. Reorganization and a Weakening of the Department of Public Instruction 

10. Less Money Spent per Pupil When Adjusted For Inflation

11. Remove Caps on Class Sizes 

12. School Grading System 

13. Cutting Teacher Assistants 

14. Read to Achieve 

15. Educational Savings Accounts 

16. Opportunity Grants 

17. Charter Schools 

18. Innovative School Districts 

19. Reduction of Teacher Candidates in Colleges 

20. Elimination & Reinventing of Teaching Fellows Program 

21. Frozen Salaries For Years 15-24

22. Ignorance of LEANDRO Decision

23. Budget Taking Three Years To Pass

Can’t remember when a lawmaker in the NC GOP publicly spoke against what Phil Berger has done to public education in North Carolina. And despite what they may claim in private, when they had a chance to publicly tell North Carolinians that they would work for public schools, they did not go against Senator Phil Berger.

On behalf of the kids.

That’s complicity.