Looking At Recurring Vs. Nonrecurring Funds For Public Education

The day before the NC State Supreme Court was to hear arguments about funding the LEANDRO case directive last week, State Supt. Catherine Truitt sent out the following tweet (along with other data points).

The data is below:

Please understand that there is a difference between recurring and nonrecurring funds.

Recurring funds means that that money will be part of the yearly budget allotment. They are not one time offerings of funds. Nonrecurring funds are a one-time only allotment unless the next budget renews it.

Secondly, make sure to notice that many of these budgetary items already have been funded in the budget as recurring items but that Truitt only shows a total amount. The state has already been paying teacher salaries and had funds set aside for school safety. The total she is giving on some items is not all new money, but what was already budgeted added to the new funding.

Also, the state still has funds for COVID relief that it has not spent yet that might be funding some of these increases.

The point is that Truitt is touting funding gains that really do not add up to the sum of the numbers that she is giving. Furthermore, much of what she is bragging are nonrecurring budget items being financed by money that the state did not get from state taxes.

While all that is happening, NC is sitting on billions of dollars in reserves that could be used for public schools.

And there is this LEANDRO decision from the courts that states that a minimal investment of about a billion dollars just this school year is what is needed to being to give all students a quality public education.

Truitt won’t publicly support LEANDRO. And she sure as hell ain’t investing as much money in our schools as she wants you to think she is.