No Amount Of Revision Can Improve This New Teacher Licensure / Pay Proposal. It’s That Bad.

When a really bad draft of an already terrible essay makes baseless arguments with no evidence for an indefensible claim, then maybe it should never be turned in for a grade.

Consider the new teacher licensure / pay proposal championed by State Supt. Catherine Truitt, DPI, and PEPSC.

You can take a look at the latest draft here.

Look for terms like EVAAS, observations, and surveys. Then consider how much time would be needed to allow for such things.

Then that it is a proposal that even those who are working on it can not fully explain.

That’s why this happens:

Yes, Catherine. You are running short of time. Maybe look at this plan?

1. Move Teacher Pay Kept To The National Average

2. Reinstate Due-Process Rights 

3. Reinstate Graduate Degree Pay Bumps  

4. Reinstate Retiree Health Benefits For New Teachers

5. Stop Merit Pay

6. Reinstate Longevity Pay 

7. Restrengthen Health Insurance and Benefits 

8. Stop Attacks on Teacher Advocacy Groups (NCAE) 

9. Stop The Revolving Door of Standardized Tests 

10. Place Caps on Class Sizes 

11. Stop Relying On Amorphous Measures Like “Graduation Rates”

12. Stop Using A School Grading System That Weighs Test Scores Over Growth

13. Hire 10,000 Teacher Assistants 

14. Stop The Read to Achieve Initiative

15. Stop Unregulated Educational Savings Accounts 

16. Stop The Opportunity Grants 

17. Cap The Number of Charter Schools 

18. Revitalize The Teaching Fellows Program And Expand It To ALL UNC-system Campuses

19. Stop The Frozen Salary Scale For Years 15-24

20. Follow Through On LEANDRO Decision

Because that PEPSC plan is not going to do anything for this:

One thought on “No Amount Of Revision Can Improve This New Teacher Licensure / Pay Proposal. It’s That Bad.

  1. I am appalled by NC teaching pay, the amount of work heaped on EC teachers is staggering! The caseload is growing at a rate faster than staffing can support and the real root of the problem is ignored, and so the vicious cycle continues. This would never happen in Massachusetts. “Teacher Shortage” is the propaganda that politicians perpetuate so they aren’t held accountable for their poor policies and funding decisions. LETRS training is not the band-aid for low funding, multiple staff vacancies and unsustainable expectations. I suggest DPI visit all the schools with less than a C score for a week and reconvene after all the “super observations” are completed ✔️ 👌🏽 Oh, and make sure your 3 case studies are completed and your journal is ready to be evaluated.


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