North Carolina Still Has a Severe Teacher & Teacher Candidate Shortage That Raleigh Deliberately Created – The New PEPSC Proposal Won’t Help It

Think of these actions over the last ten years in North Carolina as far as public education is concerned:

  1. Teacher Pay 
  2. Removal of due-process rights for new teachers
  3. Graduate Degree Pay Bumps Removed 
  4. Push for Merit Pay 
  5. “Average” Raises
  6. Health Insurance and Benefits Changes
  7. Attacks on Teacher Advocacy Groups (NCAE) 
  8. Revolving Door of Standardized Tests 
  9. Less Money Spent per Pupil When Adjusted For Inflation
  10. Removal of Caps on Class Sizes 
  11. Sacrificing of Specialties in Elementary Schools
  12. Jeb Bush School Grading System 
  13. Cutting Teacher Assistants
  14. Opportunity Grants 
  15. Unregulated Charter School Growth 
  16. For-Profit Virtual Charter Schools 
  17. Innovative School District 
  18. Elimination of Teaching Fellows Program And Now Its Smaller Version 

Then we had a pandemic and more talk of “reforming” public education and the its teacher pipeline.

This is what we have now:

That’s just teacher vacancies as of this evening.

And this merit pay / licensure scheme will not solve the problem.

Because it won’t undo those bad reforms that created the shortage in the first place.