10,000 Classroom Teacher Vacancies Gone In NC. Why?

On September 26, 2022 (one month into this traditional school year), there were well over 15,000 vacancies on TeachNC’s job search feature.

On March 8, 2023, that total is below 5,000.

So where did those 10,000 job vacancies go?

Were they filled?

Are they no longer being advertised because they were left unfilled for such a long time?

Were they removed intentionally to make the total look more appealing in order to hide the fact that many were never going to be filled because of the way that North Carolina treats its educators?

Was it just decided that since those vacancies had not been filled this late in the school year, that the duties were just being completed by others as extra work and then it was decided that saving the money from not having to pay for new educators could be used someplace else like tax cuts?