Advanced Roles, Merit Pay, & A Refusal To Reinstate Proven Ways To Recruit & Retain Teachers

Remember that BEST NC is a business lobbying firm that is housed on the campus of SAS, the company that brought us EVAAS and is owned by Jim Goodnight, a major campaign contributor to GOP candidates on the state level.

Last week they released their report on teacher pay which offered a few “recommendations” for salaries, merit pay, and advanced roles.

Then explain how those teachers between the years 16-24 are feeling that embedded “longevity” pay as they wait for ten years for a raise.

And while BEST NC’s report does state this:

…it does not include reinstating longevity pay – a 100 million investment when the state sits on billions in unused revenue.

The report dismisses reinstating graduate degree pay with this explanation:

If you look at the footnotes for the research shown for the above “analytical” research, you will find that the National Council of Teacher Quality is referred to more than once.

Might want to see who their donors are. It’s a Who’s Who of privatizers – Gates, Broad, Walton….


And there is no recommendation from BEST NC to reinstate graduate degree pay.

Want to see what the report states about those due-process rights that were taken away in 2014?

Not a damn thing.

Oh, you might want to catch what they say about retiree benefits: one of the best things about this profession that routinely gets less and less respect on so many fronts from those who control public education in this state.

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